KOMFORT KURVE ORIGINAL Shoulder Rest for Violin or Viola



Fits only full size instruments. The “Komfort Kurve Original” violin viola shoulder is a lower profile of the Komfort Kurve Plus, giving the performer the same comfort with the flexibility to pivot their instrument over their shoulder for expression with various genres of musical styles. Features include; a lower squared rounded top over the collarbone, a much milder slope into the level of foam that extends towards the shoulder, the curve over the back of the shoulder is also milder creating a relatively flatter plane. One “PSR Elastic Band” and one “PSR Magic Strip” are currently included. Try the “STRAIGHT” or “ANGLED” placements for your preferred comfort, made of resilient contoured ergonomically designed foam with great memory to bounce back to its original shape. Our PATENT NUMBER 7,262,352 design curve assists proper placement for your shoulder rest.